About Environmental Technology & Message

About Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology in Barguna Polytechnic Institute was established in 2006. It started journey with 40 students. At the beginning there were only two teachers. But after few months one of the teachers resigned from the job. Then longtime it was run by a single regular teacher . After longtime one Instructor and two Junior Instructor have been appointed in last September by STEP project. Now the number of teachers of this technology are four . All of the teachers are highly qualified. They are from various renowned universities and institutes of the country . We have no Craft Instructor of our own . A lab assistant of non tech is doing extra duties as a Craft Instructor of the technology . Moreover we have a cleaner to support in all activities of the department .

Classrooms of the department are on the ground floor . We have three labs and three workshops . Environmental lab-1 and Environmental lab-2 are on 4th floor and Drafting lab is on 1st floor . All of the workshops (Environmental Workshop-1, Environmental Workshop -2 and Wood shop ) are on ground floor .

We have the facilities of testing various water quality parameter like- Arsenic test , PH test, Alkaliny test, Hardness test, DO test, Salinity test, Coli form bacteria etc . We have also the facilities of testing various air quality parameter like – CO2, CO, SOX, NOX, NH3 etc . We have also the facilities of various types of surveying .

Our students are doing very good result and they are holding top positions in merit list of Bangladesh Technical Education Board . Every semester a large number of students get stipend provided by DTE . Graduates from this department are playing very important role to improve environmental conditions on their respective field throughout the country.

They are occupying leadership on their own field ..


Head of The Department’s Message

Welcome to Environmental Technology at Barguna Polytechnic Institute. We invite you to explore our website to know about our academic programs.

The Environmental Technology was established in 2006. We provide four years Diploma degree in Environmental Engineering . We have qualified teachers in diverse area of engineering and management aspects of Environment . Our goal is to meet the challenge of sustainable use of natural resources and ensuring environmental quality.

From the beginning of the earth people using nature for their own need . But to build the modern civilization they started using nature in uncontrolled and unplanned way .It has been in extreme position after industrial revolution. After few decades people started getting the result of their uncontrolled activities. They found their most favorite planet in polluted and devastating form .The most available components of earth – water, air and soil became polluted . Many plants, animal and microorganism got lost . Then they started thinking to save their planet . With this consequences they thought abut studying Environment . In Bangladesh Environmental Education in graduation level has been two decades ago . But in Diploma Engineering level it has been started in 2005. Environmental technology in Barguna Polytechnic Institute is one of the pioneers to provide Diploma degree in Environmental Engineering . We are playing very important role to improve the environmental conditions of Bangladesh . Our graduates are working in various environmental sectors like government office, NGOs, industries . The are occupying leadership in their respective area .

We are very much committed to provide quality education and quality future leader .

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